Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

I'm always ten steps behind on holiday shopping... But Christmas cookies, they may never leave my mind. These dainty gems prepare rather quickly and provide a welcomed highlight to the cookie tray.

Farmer's Market Slaw

My summer has resolved around this salad. It's easy to switch up if you should come across something inspiring at the market or if you just want to use up what you might have on hand.

Avocado Pesto

For Mother's Day this year, we spent the day building garden boxes and my basil which had been struggling is now growing delightfully in its new home. Growing so robustly, that it had 'pesto' written all over it. I tossed a portion of the pesto over edamame noodles for dinner.. For a lovely switch-up from guacamole, pair with crackers and you have a great appetizer. I am also thinking as a spread on a BLT or bruschetta, tossed with some summer salad greens and served along side grilled flank steak or chicken drizzled with Balsamic vinegar.. I am certain you will find many uses for it!

Key Lime Pie

I can only imagine that every day spent with me must be special. If I was going to delight my husband on our anniversary with something besides my presence, it was going to take a pretty extraordinary gift. For this reason, I settled on surprising him with his favorite, Key Lime Pie.

Wine-Braised Beef with Cauliflower Mash

An elegant take on pot roast, using stew meat helps this dish to cook in only an afternoon. Too lazy to run to the store, I cried a little as I dumped half of my beloved 2013 Cabernet from Columbia Valley into the pan... However, as fantastic as dinner was, I quickly forgave myself for the reckless use of good wine.

Raspberry Toffee Cheesecake

Cheesecake has quite possibly never been easier and with the simplicity of ingredients, the raspberries come to center stage. Perhaps not the type of cheesecake that you may be used to, this is more typical of a cheesecake found in a European bakery case. If you are looking for a dessert recipe this Easter, I recommend this one.

Beef Tagine

This recipe has become a dinner staple at our house. Preparation is simple and I typically have all of the ingredients on hand. The most exciting part about Beef Tagine - even Charlotte likes it. Well, she likes everything about it except for the couscous. What kid doesn't like couscous? It's even fun to say... At least she eats the stew portion, I will easily settle for that.